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Lucretia My adult son graduated college with computer science degree, but is having a hard time getting past interviews to land a job
What organizations can help adults on spectrum with interviews
What Organizations can help adults in spectrum find a job
LarashaIs it any help for a family to get home
Is 504 the same as IEP
How to get ssi for adhd
AllisonHave you had difficulties getting into private schools that accept SB10 scholarships?
Is there such thing as counselors for families of individuals of special needs?
Does anyone know any church or non church entities that provide (physical, emotional, respite, other)help for families like ours?
NaquoshaDo you help sickle cell patients ?
Do you have resources for sickle cell patients?
PamelaI'm looking to see if there's any assistance with helping with home loans I have a son 20 yrs old and I will be his provider

SarahHow have you planned for the future for your son?
What has been the most challenging aspect of adulthood for your son and how do you cope?
What services have you found to help him transition into adult life with autism?
CatherineI am a parent ( with disabilities) of two adults (with disabilities). I needed to become a parent advocate. One of my children is a parent of two children with disabilities. Let me know if you want a multi-generational perspective.

Facebook UserDoes the Georgia special needs scholarship program apply to online private school?

MelissaPeer coach, in my previous state I hired a peer to do activities such as games, dancing, shopping with my son. He is 20.

SabithaCan I get certificate
How much salary and how many hours job
Is it near cumming
Facebook UserWhat do you do when the guardianship is not in place at age 18? After all, executing a power of attorney would undermine the guardianship because you have to be competent to sign.

Facebook UserIf guardianship is uncontested, is it worth the money to hire an attorney?

FacebookIs there a person/service to help guide us?
What are the deadlines?
Is there a general timeline available to help SN parents navigate the services available from birth to adulthood?
RimaCan private school tuition be tax deductible?

AnnaIf receiving full SSI amount duevto charging adult disabled child rent/fair share, can I still claim my SSI recipient in my taxes as a dependent?
How does SSI (in kind support) definition differ from IRS dependent definition? Will claiming a dependent in taxes affect SSI?
KenyonnaMy son is getting re evaluated soon. He has moderate autism, severe adhd and an intellectual disability disorder what test should I request?
How can I get my child placed into a self contained classroom?
How long after an RDR meeting is reasonable to wait for his re evaluation? I've been waiting a year and 4 months so far.
PatriciaAre there alternatives to using prescription medication for ADHD?
Do you have any suggestions about what to do if one feels like their child’s psychiatrist is not listing to what they are asking or saying? Myself and my child want another alternative to what he’s being prescribed, but his psychiatrist is not listening.