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This one's for the dads
Rob Gorski, The Autism Dad, started journaling his experience of raising three boys with autism when it started to catch peoples eye. Years later and he has now shared his story with millions through his podcast, social media and website. We are excited to share Robs story and hear from a dads point of view.
All about Social Security Part 3: How to apply
Anjel Burgess wraps up our three part series all about Social Security. In part three she will walk you through the process of applying, what to do if you get denied and what the process of appeal looks like. If you are going through the Social Security application process you won't want to miss this one!
All about Social Security Part 2
Anjel Burgess continues our three part series all about Social Security. In Part 2 she goes through how to qualify for social security as a child and how to qualify as an adult. If you are going to be going through the application process to receive social security you won't want to miss this series.
All about Social Security: Part 1
Social Security attorney Anjel Burgess joins us for a 3 part series all about social security. Part one will go through what is social security and what they types of programs are.
What is the number one mistake made when applying for waiver?
DJ Jeyaram walks you through the number one mistake families make when applying for waiver. Make sure to tune in so you don't make the same mistakes!
Taxes.....all your questions answered LIVE WEBINAR EVENT
Deborah Daniels joined us for a live event going through everything you can deduct from your taxes. Check out some of the questions below. Are there any exemptions for homeschooling parents? Are any/all of the deductions capped or eliminated based on the parent’s income? I have odd hours and I need childcare that cannot be supplied/paid by respite funds. How can I properly deduct the amount used to attend to my disabled child? Can we deduct mold remediation, air filters, out of pocket costs for prescription drugs home renovations that are for child with special needs? Can you tell me about deducting school expenses?
IEP.......Setting yourself up for success
IEPs can be overwhelming and you might be asking yourself how are you going to manage this? Brandi Tanner is here to give you all the information you need to get you in the mindset to tackle your IEP successfully.
The Support Groups we have all been searching for
Megan Champion, founder of On the Hard Days, shares her inspiring story of how she felt isolated when caring for her neurodivergent son so she came up with a solution. Join us as she shares how she fulfilled a need that's grown to serve moms all over the country
Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, Divorce.....Oh My - Part 3
Divorce can be a tough topic to discuss but if you are going through it you might have questions. Kim Martin joins us in the final part of our series to answer any questions you might have about divorce.
Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, Divorce.....Oh My - Part 2
"Guardianship doesn't go away because the guardian can't do the job anymore" so then what?? Kim Martin is back to walk you through what you need to know about guardianship and how to plan for when you can no longer care for your child.
Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, Divorce.....Oh My - Part 1
Join us as we kick off a series to go over all things legal. Attorney Kim Martin is here to go through all things regarding special needs planning, guardianship and divorce. She answers all the tough questions and goes through all the hard topics you might be thinking about!
So what exactly is ABA Therapy?
Claire Paul joins us from Mosaic Autism Services to go over what exactly ABA therapy is. Claire provides some insight on what to expect in ABA therapy and what skills you can obtain to work with your child at home.
Law Enforcement and the Disability Community part 2
Sgt Cheek is back for part 2 of our law enforcement series! You don't want to miss all the tips and tricks he has to not only get your child comfortable around law enforcement but get law enforcement more engaged and knowledgeable about the disability community.
Law Enforcement and the Disability Community Part 1
Exposing your child to law enforcement is important, it's just as important law enforcement learn more about interacting with the disability community, so how do you do both? Sergeant Michael Cheek is here to tell you about how he has started an amazing program to accomplish both! You won't want to miss part 1 of our series Law Enforcement and the Disability Community.
Financial: Achieve financial security and independence using a Able Account
What exactly are all of your financial options? Marcella is here to walk you through the ins and outs of a Stable account and how it can help achieve financial security as well as independence!
Transition Series: Life after high school
Kenneth Surdin director of the excel program at Georgia Tech is here to educate you on options for after high school. With programs available all over the country there are options for your child! Kenneth is a wealth of information is here to tell you how to get started and most importantly when to get started!
Living an independent life with a disability
Marcella is here to share her amazing story about how she was told she couldn't for most of her life but showed everyone they were wrong. Marcella went to college, has an amazing career, lives on her own and manages a very independent life. Everyone could learn from her story
Parenting Series: Finding a Day Program
Shelly Meitzler from the TSC Alliance is back to go through her experience of finding a day program for her daughter as she ages out of high school. Listen as Shelly gives some tips and tricks based on her experience thus far.